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FORECLOSURE OPTIONS, Inc. has been helping families for over 20 years getting our of FORECLOSURE.  We have had the honor of entering the homes of many families that are dealing with many emotions surounding FORECLOSURE.  We are proud to be that mediator that has been successful in making families happy with great results. 




Meet our TEAM


Moses Crawford, Founder and CEO has been working in this business of FORECLOSURES for over 20 years.  He has developed a natural instinct to assist those having thier homes threatened by FORECLOSURE.  Foreclosure Options, Inc. offers a number of options to provide a happy outcome.  Mr. Crawford is a grandfather and husband and a Minister who preaches most Sundays and he is also the host of The Voices of Worship, Christian radio program.

Marlon T. Crawford, Vice President and Chief Negotiator has entered this business 20 years ago with the passion "the meek shall inherit the earth."  In this field you have the ability to meet all nationalities and come together to obtain a part of The American Dream...

Alicia Figueras-Lambert, Partner and Director of Business Development is a licensed Real Estate Agent, U.S. Army Veteran, TV Talk Show co-host and bi-lingual (Spanish) with a wealth of experience in developing businesses.  She is excited to be part of this dynamic team and is confident that together we can make many of our clients very happy.  In addition Alicia is the Executive Producer of The Voices of Worship, a Christian radio program.






P.O. Box 69, Roosevelt, NY  11575
Phone:     888-357-1780

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